Lenticular Imagery by Miggs B

I am intrigued by all the journeys, large and small, that are part of our daily lives -
journeys through time, space and emotions. From here to there and back again,
lenticular imagery allows us to experience some of these "trips" in a fresh new way.

The video below, made by famed New York videographer David Jr., is from a recent
show at the Fairfield Library. More videos from other exhibits at bottom of page.

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Roll mouse over any of the images below and leave it for a few seconds
(no need to click) and watch them change as they would in a gallery when you walk by.
Commissions, portraits and special projects welcome. Prices on request.

Miggs B Lenticular - Hard Road
Miggs B Lenticular - Wired
Miggs B Lenticular - Hi-Ho
Miggs B Lenticular - Watching him go
Hard Road - 14 x 11
Wired - 22 x 22
Hi-Ho - 20 x 16
Watching Him Go - 22 x 22
Miggs B Lenticular - mom
Miggs B Lenticular - Skyscrapers
Miggs B Lenticular - Serenity
Miggs B Lenticular - Nicks
The Journey- 18 x 18
Skyline - 14 x 11
Buddha - 18 x 18
Nick's - 20 x 16
Miggs B Lenticular - Red Apple
Miggs B Lenticular - Green Pear
Miggs B Lenticular - Orange
Miggs B Lenticular - Red Pear
Miggs B Lenticular - Green Apple
Red Apple - 11 x 14
Green Pear - 11 x 14
Orange - 11 x 14
Red Pear - 11 x 14
Green Apple - 11 x 14

How is it done? These videos explain the process and "magic" of the lenticular process


Miggs B Lenticular - Devotion
Miggs B Lenticular - Brothers
Miggs B Lenticular - Sisters
Miggs B Lenticular - Beauty & the Beast
Devotion - 16 x 20
Brothers - 16 x 20
Sisters - 16 x 20
Beauty and the Beast - 16 x 20
Miggs B Lenticular - White sign
Miggs B Lenticular - Blue sign
Miggs B Lenticular - Do Not Judge
Miggs B Lenticular - Stop Ahead
Miggs B Lenticular Only
White sign - 11 x 14
Blue sign - 11 x 14
Red & white sign- 11 x 14
Yellow sign - 11 x 14
Blue & white sign - 11 x 14
Miggs B Lenticular - House
Miggs B Lenticular - Political Ties
Miggs B Lenticular - The Egg
Miggs B Lenticular - Housebound
House - 22 x 22
Political Ties - 18 x 18
The Egg - 22 x 22
Housebound - 22 x 22

"Miggs will tell you he's a graphic artist, a website designer, a lenticular photographer—anything but what he is,
a unique, brilliant artist. People who see his work ask: "Wow, how does he do that?" as if the answer comes
from his technique. It doesn't. It comes from inside him.
He sees ordinary objects and people—
a lamp, a rundown restaurant, an African guide–and,like the alchemist he is,
transforms them mysteriously into the sublime".
-- Dalma Heyn, Bestselling author

Miggs Burroughs’s photo show will blow your mind! The lenticular medium allows Burroughs
the freedom to create a visual document of his encounters and beliefs... viewers will be
hard-pressed not to make everyday connections with the work.
– Mike Falcigno, The Fairfield County Weekly

"Signs of Life" at Silvermine Guild
"Pinholes & Pixels" at Pequot Library
"Pinholes & Pixels" at UConn, Stamford


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